Max Dupain Old Photographs sell for $1 million + at Australian Auction

Max Dupain's 'Sunbaker', taken at Culburra Beach on the NSW south coast in 1937 image

Max Dupain’s ‘Sunbaker’, taken at Culburra Beach on the NSW south coast in 1937.

Sunbaker, taken at Culburra Beach on the NSW south coast in 1937, has been lauded as a “national image”.

A 50cm by 56.5cm print of the photograph, signed and dated by Dupain in 1937 and almost the same size as a print bought by the National Gallery of Australia in 1976, fetched $85,000 at the auction in Woollahra on Sunday.

Similar prints of Sunbaker had previously sold for $30,000.

A collection of images by legendary photographer Max Dupain have sold for more than $1 million at auction, setting an Australian record.

The batch of almost 500 photographs, sold on Sunday, included a signed print of Dupain’s iconic image Sunbaker, and other...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Making cents of rare coins

Rare coins can play a role in an investor’s portfolio as an alternative asset.

Rare coins can hold their value quite well over time, while remaining small and portable as physical assets. A rare coin can also sell for many multiples of the metal contained within, and this additional premium is known as its numismatic value.

The caveat to rare coins is that the market is often illiquid, specialized, and partially arbitrary. Just like collecting fine art or other unique assets such as colored diamonds, it is not typically a game for amateurs. Coins can be misrepresented or over-graded by dealers and it is important to be armed with knowledge and experience in any given transaction.

The following infographic from Express Vending gives an introduction to rare coins, including the stories beh...

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christies auction image

On the international stage, Christie’s major sale of postwar and contemporary art at Rockefeller Center in New York scored $318.4 million on Tuesday evening, 10th May. The most expensive lot of the night was a large Untitled canvas by Jean-Michel Basquiat, dating from 1982 The final price was $57.3 million, a new record for the artist at auction. Full Results


The Denis Savill Collection of Australian Art went under the hammer by Sotheby’s Australia on Tuesday evening followed by the Australian & International Art sale the following night. Savill’s collection was not exactly “fresh”. Around 90% of the works had been to auction over the last 20 years with many exposed in the past two years. The most successful lots were Sidney Nolan’s River-Bank 1964 (Lot 40 ) which sold for $1...

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15 Garage Sale super find Items That Sold For Millions

Published on Aug 28, 2015
garage sign yellow black image

From a box of baseball cards estimated to be worth 3 Million Dollars to a man finding an official copy of the declaration of independence worth over 2 Million Dollars, we take a look at 15 Garage Sale Items That Sold For Millions! (6)

Henry Sapiecha

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The multimillion-dollar business of Australian stamp collecting

The Arthur Gray Collection of King George V stamps image www.collectibles-au (1)

The Arthur Gray Collection of King George V stamps.

The Arthur Gray collection of King George V stamps is the most extensive and most valuable of its kind, suggests Gary Watson, Mossgreen’s head of philately and numismatics.

“It’s better than what’s in the Queen’s Royal Collection,” he says.

Watson’s prediction is that, when the Gray collection is sold on October 30 in Melbourne, this will be biggest stamp sale ever held in Australia.

The Arthur Gray Collection of King George V stamps image www.collectibles-au (2)

In February 2007, he sold his massive Kangaroo collection through Shreves auction house in New York. The 849 lots achieved a total of A$7.158 million, setting numerous world records including the highest total ever achieved for a single stamp issue. This record still stands.

Watson expects the KGV collection to sell for a little less...

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Henry Sapiecha

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Divers find ‘priceless’ hoard of Arab gold coins off the coast of Israel

Divers find ‘priceless’ hoard of Arab gold coins

Over 2,000 gold coins have been found off the north-central coast of Israel, which are believed to be part of the largest gold hoard ever found in the eastern Mediterranean.

According to Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the sunken treasure —handed to them by the lucky team of divers— includes coins of various denominations and sizes from the period of the Fatimid Caliphate, the Muslim dynasty that ruled in much of North Africa and the Middle East from 909 to 1171.

Many of the coins were bent and exhibited bite marks, which suggests they were once closely examined by their owners or by merchants, experts say.

The find was made by accident early this month, when a team of six sport divers spotted what they initially thought were a few toy coins on one of the Caesarea National Park...

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Named after its engraver, Robert Birch, the so-called “Birch Cent” was among the first pennies struck for the United States, part of a series of prototype coins. Only 10 are believed to exist and collector Kevin Lipton said the coin he purchased is in the best condition of those 10.

“I felt elated, just wonderful,” Lipton, 55, of Lipton Rare Coins Inc said Monday of his winning bid made last Thursday at the Heritage Auctions sale in Orlando, Florida. “I thought the coin would bring more money. This was a really good buy.”

One side of the Birch Cent features the profile of Lady Liberty with flowing hair and the motto “Liberty Parent of Science and Industry.” The other side says “United States of America” and gives the denomination “One Cent” within a wreath.

“It’s a gorgeous ...

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