the one dollar australian coin to collect tagged posts

The $1 Australian coin worth thousands. See why here. Check your change.

The $1 mule coin, left, with a normal $1 coin image

Spare change check time.

A rare $1 coin with a distinctive “double rim”, the result of a printing error at the Mint back in 2000, is today worth an actual mint to collectors.

According to the Australian Coin Collecting Blog, the so-called “$1/10c mule” coin could be worth anywhere from $1000 to nearly $3000.

“Check the date,” the ACCB writes. “It needs to be a year 2000-dated $1 coin. Then you need to look closely at the circular rim of the coin — is it thicker than usual on the Queen side, appearing doubled?

“If you think that’s the case then you might have a coin worth $1000 maybe more. The value of your rare coin will now depend on the condition. After spending 17 years in circulation, some coins are more valuable than others.”

As the blog explains, the mule was...

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